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Self-help materials • Phone counseling • Nicotine patches

Telephone Counseling

You can develop a quitting plan that’s right for you—by working one-on-one with a trained telephone counselor.

Self-help Materials

To receive a free packet of materials explaining the nuts and bolts of quitting, call 1-800-NO-BUTTS or click learn more.

Online Help

If online is more your speed, you can develop your own quitting plan on The California Smoker’s Helpline website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The last time I tried to quit smoking, I failed. How do I keep trying if I keep failing?

Should I use the patches or some other quitting aid?

Will cutting down help me to quit?

What about electronic cigarettes?

How will I feel when I quit?

How do I get started?

Why is secondhand smoke so bad for my kids?

What is thirdhand smoke?

What’s the best thing I can do to quit smoking?

How long will it take me to quit?